S11 Barefoot matchup. Elizabeth Thorn wants to March all over Juliette:
Juliette March is back on U/S mats after a 2 year hiatus. Back in 2011, she won her very first match with the lovable Iona Grace. She got her first loss when we threw her to the wolves against Bella Rossi. Today we give her another challenge ,but it’s nothing we don’t think she can’t handle.
Elizabeth Thorn has been getting teased some what after an internet meme of her getting the infamous “honey beard” from Penny Barber surfaced on popular social media websites. Today Elizabeth wants to do the humiliating on her loser. Elizabeth is sick of losing and she wants to take her aggression out on poor little Juliette.
This is a sexy match up. Both girls really enjoy having control and molesting her opponent. Control is lost and reverse frequently in this match up. Both girls show promise, but only one can take the prize. Winner fucks the loser hard and fast then leaves her panting like a bitch in heat on the mats with the dildo and harness dangling out of her loser pussy Download http://bit.ly/UltimateSurrender