19 year old Lily LaBeau gets her first taste of BDSM and loves it! Her submission is breathtaking, suffering beautifully under James Deen’s stern domination. This is an intense scene with genuine reactions from a beautiful girl and great chemistry. Includes bound fisting, anal toys, caning, sex and bondage, rough sex, deep throat and orgasms!

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Natural Born Submissive

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“A New Wonderful MODEL. LILY is terrific. She is HOT, submissive, she loves pain and sex no limit.We cannot ask for more. It is hard to believe that it is her first experience in BDSM, SHE IS SO GREAT. Please more of LILY on KINK sites. Thank you JAMES. You have found the good way, the good relationship with LILY.” – Sex and Submission Member

“This is one of the best videos I’ve seen in quite a while! Lily has got to be a natural and is also one hot lady! She needs to be added to the regulars because I don’t think anyone will ever get tired of watching her! Great job James & Lily!” – Sex and Submission Member

“Way beyond GREAT! The fisting scene was the hottest I have ever seen. Her reactions: body writhing, chest heaving, face grimacing all showed how much she was into it. Her fine natural body was great too. More of her soon!” – Sex and Submission Member

“The preview of this was the reason why I joined. Thank you guys, so great. My favorite thing about this is that you don’t seem to take yourselves too seriously and emphasize that this is role playing.” – Sex and Submission Member

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