Kink On Demand FAQ

kinkondemandQ. How does pay per minute work?

A. Pay per minute – or “PPM” – uses Kinks (aka tokens). After purchasing a block of Kinks, you can spend them to buy shoots or watch videos with PPM. However, unlike purchasing the entire shoot and all of its pictures, you’ll only be charged incrementally for each minute of video that you watch. If the video is paused or stopped you won’t be charged. Note that when buying with PPM you won’t have access to the pictures, videos are not available for download to your computer, and the video will not appear in your permanent library.

Q. What is KinkOnDemand? How does KinkOnDemand work?

A. KinkOnDemand is where you can buy shoots from Kink’s network of premium adult sites on a per-shoot basis. Each shoot is priced in “kinks”, and you pay only for the shoots you want. You can buy shoots from any of Kink’s sites, plus a number of “test shoots” that have never been seen before!

Q. What are kinks? How do I buy them?

A. Kinks are our virtual currency. Unlike real-world currency, the exchange rate for kinks gets better depending on how many you want. The price starts at $19.95 for 20 kinks – but the price goes down the more you buy. Visit the signup page to buy kinks!

Q. What is available at KinkOnDemand?

A. KinkOnDemand features a wide variety of shoots from Kink’s network of sites, as well as Kink test shoots that have never been seen before, plus more! Here are a few goodies you’ll find on KOD:

Kink Compilations
Kink Test Shoots
KinkRaw Test Shoots
Kink University
Kink Reality Test Shoots

Q. Is there any subscription fee for KinkOnDemand?

A. No – you pay only for the shoots you want to watch, and you’ll retain the downloads or access to the streaming videos as part of your permanent library – DRM-free! You’ll be able to look at the photos and watch the video on any computer you want.

Q. Does KinkOnDemand require a membership?

A. You’ll need a free Kink membership, which will also allow you to access the free site BehindKink. After that, you pay only for the shoots you download.

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